A leading global business advisory firm, JSS Pro has flourished since 1982, becoming a sought-after global business consulting firm. With experts that hail from various industries, placed across the globe, JSS Pro prides itself in providing high impact solutions to accelerate growth & achieve goals across various stages of the business lifecycle.


It is our in-depth knowledge of business functions and their intricacies that we wish to impart through our academic portal – JSS Academy.

Our different modules have been designed for the top management of all business industries to enhance their knowledge of business planning and execution, in order to further their endeavours. Aimed at aiding managers, entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts hone their skills, JSS Academy promises unique study material, geared to help you take on business challenges in real-time!


J.S. Sundaram

Director, Global Tax Strategies JSS Pro

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With over 30 Years of Core Experience in Audit, Tax and Other Advisory Services, J S Sundaram’s primary area of expertise has been Tax Planning, Advisory and Handling Tax Assessments, and Litigation Practice at various levels of Authority including ITAT.

Tulasi S. Sastri

Director, Productivity & Risk


Mr. Sastri has more than 30 years of core experience in Risk Management, Performance Improvement and Internal Audit at major corporates. He moved into consultancy and has contributed to a “turnaround” at some major corporates.

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